Custom Retail/Shopping Bags

International Paper Converters understands the importance a beautifully printed bag can have in achieving your Marketing objectives. We can print up to 4 colors and 100% ink coverage allowing for maximum opportunity to communicate your brand message.

We can produce your custom bag from a number of substrate materials and weights suiting your particular needs. We purchase material from a number of North America’s largest paper Mills. Our recycled Kraft is made from 100% recycled material, 97% of which comes from PCW (Post-Consumer Waste). All materials and bags we produce are 100% recyclable.

Custom Shopping Bag Page

As an environmentally conscious company, all inks used at International Paper Converters are 100% water-based which are considered safer for the environment that solvent based inks.

Custom Bags can be produced in any of our stock sizes.

Twisted Handle Bags

White Paper W D H
BOUTIQUE 60 # 8 5 8
PETITE 60 # 8.25 4.25 10.75
BOULEVARD 60 # 10 5 10
VANITY 60 # 10 5 13
PROMENADE 60 # 13 7 13
CELEBRITY 60 # 13 6 15.5
FASHION 65 # 16 6 12
SAVILLE 65 # 16 6 19
UNIVERSAL 65 # 18 7 19

All measurements above are in “.

Artwork Guidelines

Supplied artwork formats must comply as below:

  • Adobe Illustrator or high resolution PDF (600dpi or higher) files preferred.
  • Original vector art with fonts outlined and high quality images embedded.
  • CD for Mac or CD/DVD for PC.
  • As email attachments to Typical maximum email attachment is 8 megabytes.
  • With digital art please send all fonts and image source files and confirming PDF or hard copy indicating correct output.
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