Take Out Bags

International Paper Converters manufacture durable and leak-resistant take out bags are easy to carry and suitable for use by fast food restaurants, fine food restaurants, caterers, hotels, food shops, convenience stores, supermarkets and bakeries.

Our bags are durable so all food and drink items are kept safe in the bags. With their large open top, loading items and removing is easy. The flat bottom of the bags allows for secure delivery of take out boxes and drinks.

Our bags are made of bio-degradable paper and are non-toxic to carry food and drink items in. They are available in different sizes on kraft or white paper with an option to custom print color or your business logo on the bags.

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Tamper Evident

IPC also manufactures bags with a peel-off adhesive running the width of the handle patch (maximum) on the inside of the bag. For added strength the adhesive can easily be applied to both sides of the bag.

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